Sr. Softwares Developed by
1 Software on Moving Load
RDSO (Ref:-IRS Bridge Rule Para 3.6)
2 Curve-Designing, Existing Speed,increasing speed and shift(Beta Version 1.0)
Anil Choudhary Sr.Prof/IRICEN and M.D. Jadhav, SI/IRICEN
3 Bridge Planning: Fixing Linear Waterway, Spans and Depth
R K Shekhawat, Sr Professor(Project), IRICEN
4 Design Discharge Calculation using Flood Estimation Reports of CWC
R K Shekhawat, Sr Professor(Project), IRICEN
5 Simple Curve Realignment
Abu Hasan, SSE/TM/NFR
6 4 Point Versine Correction & 3 Point Versine Value
Anil Choudhary, Sr. Professor(TM)
M.D. Jadhav, Sr.Instructor/Comp, IRICEN
7 Ground Improvement, Ver 6
R. K. Shekhawat, Sr. Professor(Project), IRICEN
8 Software For Track Surfacing, Ver 6.1
9 New Version of Software for Curves Realignment (Mar 2018)
For calculating the solutions for disturbed curves
Windows 8 Editions

M S Ekbote Retd AMCE
10 Layout calculations 2018
For calculating the lengths and other details required for layouts. This programme has been written in visual basic 2008 and require .Net Framework & Chart. User should read the installation instructions before installing the program.

M S Ekbote Retd AMCE
11 Rail Stresses (2014)
M S Ekbote Retd AMCE
12 New Software for Curves Calculation 2015
M S Ekbote Retd AMCE
13 Gang Strength formula of 2010 M S Ekbote Retd AMCE
14 Program for Calculation of Earthwork
For computing the earthwork for new lines as well as widening of cess

K. Ravindra Babu
15 Track Surfacing
Program for track surfacing

N Aravindan, Retd AMCE
16 Track Geometry Index Analyser
For analysing Track Geometry Index
A K Yadav, CAO/NFR
17 Mix Design
For concrete mix design
A K Yadav, CAO/NFR
18 Track Diagram -
19 Program on Realignment of Curves
Note: Please use any angle between 10 degrees to 45 degrees for the initial station inclination to get the proper plot of the curve

R P Singh, Sr Instructor, CETA, Kanpur
20 Program on Analysis of results of TRC to get the tamping requirement
Note: The password for importing the file into the programme is CEtmc

R P Singh, Sr Instructor, CETA, Kanpur
21 Ring 150 Masonry arch bridge analysis software Ring is the latest version of the highly successful RING software for the analysis of masonry arch bridges