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Session I

Sr No Name of Speaker & Designation Paper Title Paper Presentation
1 Hitesh Khanna
(Director,Works,Ircon International Ltd)
Anish Kumar
(CPM /Track/Malaysia, IRCON International Ltd)
Semi High-speed Trains on Indian Railways Network : Track and Vehicle side demand Download Download
2 Ramesh Pinjani
(Sr.Professor/Bridges/IRICEN, Pune)
Important track design parameters to cater semi high speed & heavier axle loads trains Download Download
3 Sri Sandip Kumar Saha
Effect of Temperature Gradient on High speed track with Track-Bridge Interaction Download Download
4 Yerramshetty Srinivas
R. P. Singh
(Asst. Professor/Track-III/IRICEN/Pune)
Stress Assessment in Railway Foundation System for semi High Speed and High Axle Loads Trains. Download Download
5 M.Suyambulingam (Chief Engineer/S.Railway) Retrofitting Of Well Foundation-Design to carry Heavy Axle load trains & PSC beams Download Download
6 S.Gopalakrishnan
(Retd.AGM/Southern Railway and Director/IRICEN)
Track Strength And Track Geometry Design Requirements If Heavy Freight Traffic has to Coexist With Semi High-speed Passenger Traffic Download Download
7 Sharad Kumar Agarwal
(Prof. Br. IRICEN, Pune)
Technical Audit of System and practices of rail/weld testing by USFD Download
8 Amit Kumar Roy (Chief Project Manager/RVNL) Sub Grade Improvement Using Stone Column for semi High Speed And Heavy Axle Load A Case Study on Actual Implementation on Doubling Work of KGP division. Download
9 R.P.Singh (Asst. Professor/Track/IRICEN, Pune)
Akshay Singh Rathore (IRSE (P) 2015)
Shashank Kulshreshtha (IRSE (P) 2015)
Vikas Yadav (IRSE (P) 2015)
Issues Related With Compaction During Construction Of New Railway Embankments For Heavy Axle Loads Download
10 Mohammad Islam (IRSE (P) 2015) Dynamic Analysis of Vehicle-Structure Interaction in Indian Railways BOXN25 Wagon-Steel Plate Girder Bridge under Semi High Speed and Heavy Axle Load Download
11 Nitin Garg (XEN/TP/ALD/NCR) Facing Challenges Under Mixed Traffic Regime Of Semi High Speed And Heavy Axle Load-design Aspects Download
12 Sandeep Sharma (Executive Director/Track-II/RDSO)
Pranav Kumar (Director/Track-IV/RDSO)
Rituraj (Dy. Director/EF/RDSO)
S K Awasth (Dy. Director/CS/RDSO)
Design and Development of Wider & Heavier PSC Sleeper and Fastening System for suitable for Semi-high speed and heavy Axle Load Download


Facing challenges under Mixed Traffic Regime of Semi High Speed and Heavy Axle Load - Maintenance Aspects

Sr No Name of Speaker & Designation Paper Title Paper Presentation
13 J.S. Mundrey (Consultant in Track Technology,Formerly Advisor Civil Engineering, Railway Board) Reactive to proactive approach to Track maintenance on Indian Railways Download Download
14 M. M. Agarwal (Former Chief Engineer/NR & Former Executive Director/IPWE)
K. K. Miglani (Former Dy. Chief Engineer (Track), NR)
Challenges & possible solutions for appropriate Track technology for mixed traffic regime of Semi high speeds & Heavy Axle loads based on global experience Download Download
15 Dr. Florian Auer (Senior Expert Track Technology) Sustainable Maintenance of High-speed lines with mixed traffic Download Download
16 Narayan Rangaraj (Professor/Industrial Engineering & Operations Research/IIT Bombay)
R. Vidyadhar (MTech Student/Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, IIT Bombay)
Ayush Agrawal (Associate ITS Engineer, ITS Planners and Engineers, Hyderabad)
Simulation of Mix-traffic Railway Networks carrying Semi High Speed passenger trains and High axle load freight trains Download Download
17 Pradeep Kumar Garg (Chief Engineer (Track Machines) Central Railway) Issues Involved In Maintenance of Track Carrying Heavy Axle Loads in Reference to Deep Screening Download Download
18 Avinash Jain (Sr DEN/2/HWH, Howrah Division)
Md. Tanveer Khan (ADEN/BWN, Howrah Division, Eastern Railway)
Sushil Kumar (SSE (P.Way)/BWN, Howrah Division)
Rajesh Kumar (SSE (P.Way)/BWN, Howrah Division)
Maintenance of Points and Crossings under Mixed Traffic Scenario of Semi High Speed and Heavy Axle Load : Challenges, Problems and their Innovative Solutions Download
19 N. R. Bairawa (SSE(TR) ADI, W.Rly.) Semi High Speed and Heavy Axle Loads and Maintenance Challenges Download
20 R. P. Singh (Asst. Professor-III/Track, IRICEN, Pune)
Saurabh Singh (AXEN/TMS, NCR, Allahabad)
Assessment of Indian Railways Track Ballast in the Regime of Semi High Speed & Heavy Axle Load Requirement Download Download
21 Akhil Agarwal (Dy. Chief Engineer / Land / NR) Facing challenges under Mixed Traffic Regime of Semi High Speed and Heavy Axle Load & their Impart on Track Download
22 A. V. Mittal (Dy Chief Engineer (P&D), Northern Railway) Engineering Applications of a Drone in Railway Organization Download
23 Vipul Kumar (ED/Track-I/RDSO)
Ajay Kumar (Director/Track -II/RDSO)
Challenges in Design & Maintenance of Track Structure for Mixed Traffic Regime on IR Download Download

Session III - Miscellaneous (Bridges)

Sr No Name of Speaker & Designation Paper Title Paper Presentation
24 S.N. Agarwal (GM/SE Railway)
K. C Swami (CBE/ Western Railway)
Avinash Kumar (Dy. CE (Design)/ Western Railway)
Strengthening of damaged PSC bridge girders with Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer "CFRP" System Download Download
25 Ajit Pandit (CAO/CON-3/NFR)
R. P. Jingar (CE/COM-1/NFR)
Use of Spherical Bearings in Railway Bridges-Bogibeel Bridge Project Download Download
26 A. K. Yadav (Chief Administrative Officer/Con, N. F. Railway)
S. P. Deshmukh (Dy. Chief Engineer/Con/Bairabi, N. F. Railway)
Instrumentation and Monitoring During Construction of Tunnels in Bairabi-Sairang NL Project Download Download
27 Satish Kumar (Additional General Manager, ER and Managing Director/KMRCL) Challenges of Tunnelling in East-West Metro Kolkata Tunnelling Below Colvin Court Building Download Download
28 A.Saibaba (Chief Engineer (C)/NF Railway,Guwahati)
M.Subash (Dy.Chief Engineer (C)/NF Railway, Imphal)
Challenges in Design and Construction of the World's Tallest Railway Bridge in Jiribam-Imphal New Railway Line (North East Frontier Railway) Download Download
29 M.Suyambulingam (Chief Bridge Engineer/S.Rly)
Ram Kishore (Dy.CE/ROB/MAS)
G.Radhakrishnan (SSE/Bridges/MDU)
"Elevated Road-cum-Rail Crossings" (Precast Tunnel type RC box) Download Download
30 Rajesh Prasad (ED/Metro/RVNL/Kolkatta) Implementation of Structural Health Monitoring System for live monitoring of the cable forces at Barddhaman ROB Download
31 Pradeep Ahirkar (Sr DEN/Co/BRC) Box pushing work under Relieving Girder at higher speed Download Download

Session IV - Miscellaneous (Other than Bridges)

Sr No Name of Speaker & Designation Paper Title Paper Presentation
32 Harpal Singh (Chief Engineer/Con-8/Maligaon)
B. N. Bhaskar (Deputy Chief Engineer/Con/Agartala)
Koteshwar Ponnala (Asstt. Executive Engineer/Udaipur)
Use Of Modern Retrofitting Techniques In Udaipur Station Building Of Agartala-Sabroom New Line Project Of N. F. Railway Download Download
33 Subodh Jain (Former member engineering, Railway Board and ex-officio Secretary to Government of India)
Vipul Kumar (Executive Director/Track/RDSO)
Design and Development of Ballastless Track with Indigenous Fastening System Download Download
34 Anupam Awasthi (Dy. CE/CON/D & N/SECR)
Kohei Nagai (Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan)
Shingo Asamoto (Associate Professor, Saitama University, Saitama, Japan)
Seishi Goto (Professor Emeritus , Yamaguchi University, Yamaguchi, Japan)
Study of Possible Causes of Premature Cracking Of Sleepers in Indian Railways Download Download
35 Harpal Singh (CE/NFR/Maligaon)
Sai Singh Khongrymmai (Dy. CE/NFR/Agartala)
Supriya Dutta (JE/Works/NFR/Agartala)
Mechanised Blending and Laying of Blanketing Material along with application of Geo-textile and Geo-grids in formation of Agartala-Sabroom of NF Railway Project. Download Download
36 A. K. Yadav (Chief Administrative Officer/Con/N. F. Railway)
P. Deshmukh (Dy. Chief Engineer/Con/Bhairabi, N. F. Railway)
High Embankmnt V/s Viaduct - A Case Study Download Download
37 Vijay Sehgal (Chief Administrative Officer (Construction), WCR)
Luv Sehgal (Graduate Research Assistant, RailTEC, UIUC)
Amit Garg (Graduate Research Assistant, RailTEC, UIUC and Chief Engineer, Indian Railways)
Dr William Buttlar (Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UIUC)
Hot Mix Asphalt In Ballasted Railway Track: International Experience And Inferences Download Download
38 Surendra Bansal (Dean/IRICEN/Pune)
Pavan Totla, Vijay Sehgal, Anuj Sharma, Aindrila Roy, Bishawajeet Das, Shoyeb Ahmad
Strategy and It’s Implementation For Growth and Sustainability of Infrastructure and Operation: A Case Review of Indian Railways Download
39 Sharad Kumar Agarwal (Prof. Br. IRICEN, Pune)
Vikramjeet Singh, Sohanlal Kag, Alok Kumar, Sanjeev Dangi (B.E. Final Year, E&TC, Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune)
Isha Agarwal (B. Des., Prefinal Year, IIT Guwahati)
Development of Noncontact Displacement Sensor at IRICEN Download
40 Anil Choudhary (Director/Track Machine-III,RDSO)
Aqil Mohsin (SSE/Mechanical/TMM, RDSO)
Kavindra Nath Rai (SSE/Engg/TMM,RDSO)
Auto Rail Panel Linker (for Automatic Linking of 20 Rail Panel During Unloading) Download Download
41 S. K. Srivastava (ED(Mobility)CE, Railway Board)
Niranjan Kumar (SSE(Mobility), Railway Board)
Economics of TRR/TBR/TSR vis-a-vis CTR in Mixed Traffic Regime Download
42 Kaushal Kishore (Chief Engineer (TP), WCR/Jabalpur) Handling Alignment Adversity Download

1 Technical considerations for design of Effective Drainage System in Station Yards Brijesh Kumar, Executive Director/Geo-technical Engg/RDSO R. K. Shekhawat, Director/ Geo-technical Engg/RDSO
3 Ground Soil Improvement Work for the Construction of Udaipur Station Yard in State of Tripura by Using Pre-fabricated Vertical Drains (PVDs)A. S. Garud, CAO/Con-1/MLG,Harpal Singh, CE/Con-8/MLG, Rajveer, Dy. CE/Con-1/AGTL, N. F. Railway
4 Design, Construction & Maintenance of Station YardR.K. Verma SSE(P.Way)/Track Cell S.E. Railway, Ranchi
5 ITARSI RRI fire - NOT AN ORDINARY DISRUPTIONKaushal Kishore, Chief Engineer/TP/WCR
6 Remodelling and maintenance of Kanpur Central yard Vivek Kumar
7 Design Construction and Maintenance of station yard Design of Terminal Station Yard Redesigning of Chennai Central Terminal Station yard T.V.Mahaganapathy AXEN/CS/BQI/SR
8 Yard Remodeling of Manoharpur and Posoita Yard Its ChallengesSandip Kumar Saha
9 Accelerated construction of New Lines/Doubling Projects J.N.Lal Das,Chief Engineer/Con/E.C.Rly
10 Construction of Optimal Railway Formation and Foundations - A Civil Engineer ApproachSaurabh Singh, IRSE (P) 2013, IRICEN Pune,R. P. Singh, Assistant Professor Track, IRICEN Pune,
S P Deshmukh, Dy CE/CON/Bairabi at Silchar N F Railway
12 Accelerated Construction of new banks by using Nuclear Gauges for checking in-place Dry Density of EarthworkR. K. Shekhawat, Director/ Geo-technical Engineering/ RDSO
Anil Ram, SSRE/ Geo-technical Engineering/ RDSO
Kumar Shubham, JRE/ Geo-technical Engineering/ RDSO
ANANT KUMAR ,Divisional Engineer/East/Vadodara ,W.Rly
14 Accelerated Construction of New Lines/ Doubling ProjectsB K Singh Sr. DEN/2/Dhanbad/ECR
15 Accelerating Doublings & Triplings Few needed ImprovementsK Venkateswra Rao IRSE GM/RITES/Secunderabad
16 Faster, Quality and Economic Construction of New Line and Doubling Projects by NR-CON.B.D. Garg, CAO/C Northern Railway.
S. K. Garg, Dy. CE C CSB, Northern Railway.
Shiv Om Dwivedi, Secy/CAO/C & Dy. CE C Innovations, N.R.
17 Mechanised Track Construction on DFC ProjectsManjul Mathur, GGM/MA/EC, DFCCIL
Atul Khare, CPM/ Tundla, DFCCIL
18 Planning and management for Expeditious Construction of ROBS.K. Singla
Mahabal Prasad
Ajay Kumar
20 Fast Track Construction of ROB on BOT basis Neeraj Jain IRSE (Retd)
Sanjay Bhargava DGM/ROB
21 Construction of RUB /LHS is Double Line section by RH Girder method Using Trailer Based Segment Launch Vehicle (TSLV) for Effective block ManagementRamesh Chandra Chief Bridge Engineer N.C. Railway
Dinesh Tripathi Dy. Chief Engineer TMC/Line NC Railway Jhansi
22 Road Over Bridge CUM Road Under Bridge :Innovative Solution to Ensure Closure of L-XingsB.D. Garg
Shiv Om Dwivedi
23 Implementation of 4-lane Cable Stayed ROB at Barddhaman future fast track model for new ROB over busy yard.Rajesh Prasad, IRSE Chief Project Manager (M) RVNL,Kolkata
24 Construction of Y-Shaped ROB with one leg on Curved alignment in a busy, electrified yard having extensive built-up area in approaches”B. D. Garg
Ravi Kr Gupta
25 FAST TRACK CONSTRUCTION OF ROB Konda Srinivas Principal/ZCETI/ Kacheguda
P.V.S.Prasad Instructor/Works/ZCETI/ Kacheguda

Volume - I
Session 1 Session II
Volume - II
Session III Session IV Session V

Session 1
1Sujeet K. Jha, Sr. Divisional Engineer (1), East Central Railway,Dhanbad|Rolling Contact Fatigue Behavior of Rail under High Axle Load Conditions
2Lalloo Singh, CBE/S.Rly Rolling Contact Fatigue in Rails - An Overview
3Nilmani,Professor/Track, IRICEN, Pune Tracking and Curving by Railway Vehicle:Issues in Heavy Haul
4Vivek Kumar Gupta, GM/RITES, Mumbai Rail Wheel Interaction : Negotiation of Divergence Imposed by Curves and Turnouts - Higher Axle Loads and Higher Speeds
5Dr. M. Seshagiri Rao, Retd. MD/RITES. Rail Wheel Resonance Effect of High Axle Loads
6Dr. G. Narayanan, PCE/S.Rly, Sharad Kumar Agarwal, Dy.CE/HQ/S.Rly, Prof. C. Sujatha, Dept. of Mech Engg, Prof. A. Meher Prasad, Dept. of Civil Engg, IIT/MadrasRail Wheel Interaction - An Investigation
7R.S. Kannan, SE/Pway/ USFD, Chennai. Rail Wheel Interaction in the context of heavy axle load
8Amitabh Sinha, ED Stds./Wagon, RDSO and Shri Manish Thapliyal, Director Stds Wagon/RDSOFreight Bogie for Heavy Haul Operations over Indian Railways
9Sonvir Singh, ED/Track-I, RDSO Rails for Heavy Axle Load Operations
10S. K. Shrivastav CE/SWRly Hubli, J.K. Jalan, Dy.CE/Genl. SW.Rly, Hubli.The Economics of Heavy Axle Loads
11Neeraj Agrawal, CE/TMC, S.Rly. Decision Tree Analysis For Economic Maintenance and Replacement of Heavy Haul Railway Track
Session 2
1Nitin Garg, ADEN/Satna/WC.Rly. Improved Maintenance Practices in Context of Heavy Axle Load
2P.K. Garg, Sr.Professor/Track, IRICEN, Pune Rolling Contact Fatigue and its management with emphasis on Rail Grinding
3Sanjeev Agarwal, CE/TM, SC.Rly. Maintenance of heavy haul track by rail profiling - Overview of specifications of Rail Grinding Machine, Infrastructural Requirements and Cost Benefit Analysis
4Tushar Kant Pandey, Dir/TM/RDSO,
Dilip Kumar, SSE/TM/RDSO,
Ankur Gupta, SE/TM/RDSO.
Implementation of Rail Grinding on IR - Key Technical Issues
5M.R.K. Raju, Instructor, ZCETC/SC.Rly/Kachiguda Introduction of Rail Grinding on Indian Railways - An Emphasis on Pre, During and Post Grinding Activities
6Parmeshwar Funkwal, ED/Structures, RDSO Surviving RCF : Emerging Frontiers
7R.S. Poonia, CTE/SEC.Rly & Bhavesh Pandey, Dy.CE/TM, SEC.Rly. Inconclusive Theory of Rail Lubrication
8Anirudh Jain, CTE/C.Rly Implementation of Gauge Face Lubrication on Mountainous Tracks on Indian Railways
Session 3
1M.Satheesh, CPDE Methodology of Mechanized construction of formation
2Ramesh Pinjani, CE/Con. Challenges & Strategies involved in the semi-mechanised construction projects
3A.K.Khandelwal, CE/CN/S&RB Mechanisation in Southern Railway Construction Organisation
4S.A.Abdul Rahman, SAG Machinery, methods and issues related to ballasting
5Mangal Bihari Vijay, CE/C/I/Jaipur Mechanisation in constgruction of track adopted by France Railway
Session 4
1R.K. Gupta, CAO/C NR Mechanisation of construction of Railway Line in Kashmir Valley
2Manoj Arora, Sr.Prof./Tr.1,
N.K. Khare, Associate Prof./Works
Mechanised linking of track
3B Chandra Sekhar Dy CE/CN/BNC SWR Innovative machines for track linking over SWR Construction Organisation
4J.S. Mundrey Retd. Situation specific machinery for mechanized track construction
5Jim Blaze Ordell Koch, Rajendra Kumar Agarwala, Pradeep PatelFaster new track construction in India
6S. Venkatesan, CGE SR Improving quality of mobile flash butt welding - An overview
7S.K. Sapra, Sr.DEN/C/Firozpur
Narinder Paul ADEN/G/Firozpur,
Rajinder Singh SSE/P.Way/Jallandhar City NR
Application of track machines in laying of track in new line projects
8S.K. Bhagat Principal, IRTMTC/Allahabad,
V.K. Dubey, Chief Instructor, IRTMTC/Allahabad,
D.K. Bhardwaj, Chief Instructor, IRTMTC/Allahabad
Use of Russian TRT for construction of new trak/relaying
9 B.N.S. Chalam, Sr.DEN/South/MDU,
S. Ramesh, SE/P.Way/TN SR
Mechanisation in ISD work