Training Module
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C/No. C/Name From
21102 INTEGRATED 06/09
21203 Sr. Proff. P.WAY. 04/10
21432 Geotechnical Investigation & Modern Survey 18/10
21817 Rail wheel interaction and Derailment investigation (CAMPUS) 18/10
21833 USFD, Welding,Rail Grinding 18/10
Forthcoming Courses
C/No. C/Name From D/W
21308 CBE SEMINAR 25/10 2 D
21770 Design, Laying and Maintenance of Curve(Online A/N) 25/10 1 W
21777 Design of steel structure(Online B/N) 25/10 1 W
21248 WEBINAR: Use of HSFG Bolt in Railway. 29/10 1 D
21204 Sr. Proff. Bridge 08/11 4 W
21624 Referesher Course P-Way (CAMPUS) 08/11 3 W
21625 Refresher Course for WORKS 08/11 2 W
21772 Bridge foundation- open, pile and well(Online A/N) 08/11 1 W
21775 Contract Management(Online B/N) 08/11 1 W
21249 WEBINAR: Quality Assurance Plan for fabrication of composite girder(Online) 12/11 1 D
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Courses (Officers/Supervisors)
  • Courses for Officers

    CNOCName Link
    21308CBE SEMINARfrom 2021-10-25 to 2021-10-26Click here to register
    21770Design, Laying and Maintenance of Curve(Online A/N)from 2021-10-25 to 2021-10-29Click here to register
    21248WEBINAR: Use of HSFG Bolt in Railway.from 2021-10-29 to 2021-10-29Click here to register
    21777Design of steel structure(Online B/N)from 2021-10-25 to 2021-10-29Click here to register
    21255WEBINAR- Fabrication ad launching of Steel arch on Chenab bridgefrom 2021-10-22 to 2021-10-22Click here to register
  • Courses for Supervisors

    CNOCName Link
IPWE seminar,2021 will be held on 21st & 22nd January,2022. Technical papers may be submitted on email by 30th November, 2021. Important Note- All Trainee Officers must be fully vaccinated (both doses) for attending any on premise course at IRICEN.Webinar on Appreciation of USFD Testing(Online) is rescheduled on 08.10.21.