Training Module
Forthcoming Courses
C/No. C/Name From D/W
23230 Webinar: Rail failure and Rail grinding 29/09 1 D
23824 Yard layout improvement & maintenance 03/10 1W
23825 Derailment Investigation 03/10 1W
23503 Special course for NTPC Engineers 09/10 1W
23621 Refresher Course (P.Way) 09/10 3W
23826 Concrete Technology,PSC/RCC for Bridges 09/10 1W
23212 Webinar: Role of PMC and Quality control in EPC contracts 13/10 1 D
23424 Project Management 16/10 1W
23439 USFD & Rail Grinding 16/10 1W
23622 Refresher Course (Bridges) 16/10 3W
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Hon'ble MR's Vision
I. Safety of trains is top most priority.
-Installation of Kavach and automatic signaling
-Improved maintenance contract and practices for safety in high speed era
II.Loading of 5 million tonne per day including
synchronous unloading
III.Execution Priorities
-Double the pace of commissioning of railway lines
-Increase the speed of station development works
-Switching over to EPC contract environment
-Speed up to 160 kmph on at least one route of each Division
-Speed raising up to 130 kmph on most of the routes [expansion beyond GD-GQ route]
IV.Improvement in network efficiency
-Identification and removal of bottlenecks
-Removal of permanent speed restriction in mission mode, by creating divisional task force
-Provision of bypass at major interchange stations
-Plan for multiple lines (6 to 10) for major carge routes
V.Integrity of Railway officials
VI.Procedural reforms to expedite decision makings
VII.Highest ever capital expenditure of Rs. 2.40 lakh
-Targeted expenditure @ Rs. 20,000 crore per month
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