Plate Girder
Brief Description :

A plate girder is a built up I-beam section, used to carry heavy loads. It is made by riveting or welding the steel plates in I-beam shape. Spans of 9.15 m and above are made with web plates and flange plates to form built up beam or I section.

Plate girders are further grouped according to the type of construction of beam or I-section as under :

    a) Riveted plate girder (Open deck)

    b) Welded plate girder (Open deck)

    c) Welded composite girder (Ballasted deck)

    All built up plate girders (solid web) upto spans 35 m (115') need not be cambered as per Steel Bridge Code Clause 4.16.1. Because all standard plate girder spans are less than 35 m; therefore, the question of camber does not arise.

Fig. 1: Plate Girder
Fig. 2: Isometric View