Safety Shoes
Brief Description :

    Safety plays a major role in safeguarding the health of the workers. Its features such as shock-absorbing tunnel system, anti-slip soles, linings, and integrated toe caps provide the protection to feet.

    The safety shoes for Trackmen for IR shall be to IS 15298 (Part II) / 2011 / ISO 20345 : 2004. Some of the reputed brands in India are BATA / Liberty / Action etc.

    Sample of BATA Endura G-sport(836-4243)
    1. Design and Classification: As per IS 15298(Part 2) Code Designation-I, Table-1, Fig.1, Design "A", Low Shoe.

    2. Leather : Full Grain Leather as per Para 3.4.1 of IS 15298(Part 1).

    3. Black Upper Leather Direct Injected Molded cleated outsole made of dual density Polyurethane having resistance to acid, alkali, oil and water and without nails.

    4. Each safety shoe shall be clearly and permanently marked by embossing or Branding as per item No.6 of IS : 15298 (Part 2).

    5. The Safety shoes shall be tested as per IS: 15298 /2002 (Part 1) by National Test House or other testing laboratories as given in the qualifying criterion and test certificate has to be submitted along with every supply.

    6. Footwear shall be antistatic as per para 7.2 of IS 15298(Part 2).