Crow Bar
1. Brief Description :

    It is a medium carbon steel bar, of about 28-30 mm is diameter, either circular / hexagonal / octagonal in cross-section and is about 150 Cm in length. It weighs about 7 to 9 kg. It may be tapered or blunt at one end and slightly bent and flatted as a two pronged fork / claw at the other end.

2. Use :

    (a) Clawed end is used to take out the dog spike from the wooden sleepers.

    (b) Clawed end may also be used for screwing in or out a screw spike / rail screw.

    (c) To lift the track for surfacing.

    (d) To correct the alignment.

    (e) Sometimes the blunt end is also used for packing ballast under the concrete sleepers.
    Fig.: Crow Bar