Sr. Test Name PDF
1 Grain size analysis by Wet and Dry sieving Download
2 Grain size analysis by Hydrometer Download
3 Moisture content determination by Rapid Moisture Metre Download
4 Liquid Limit Test Download
5 Plastic Limit Test Download
6 Modified Proctor Test Download
7 California Bearing Ratio Test Download
8 Direct Shear Test Download
9 Triaxial Test Download
10 Lab Vane Shear Test Download
11 Swell Pressure Test Download
12 Consolidation Test Download
13 Permeability Test by Constant Head Method Download
14 Relative Density of Soil Download
15 Unconfined Compression Test Download
16 Specific Gravity of Soil Download
17 Free Swell Index of Soil Download
18 Liquid Limit Determination by Cone Penetrometer Download