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Sr. Softwares Developed by
1 Ground Improvement, Ver 4
R. K. Shekhawat, Sr. Professor(Project), IRICEN
2 Software For Track Surfacing, Ver 6.1
3 New Version of Software for Curves Realignment (Dec 2014)
For calculating the solutions for disturbed curves
Windows 8 Editions

M S Ekbote Retd AMCE
4 Layout calculations 2013
For calculating the lengths and other details required for layouts. This programme has been written in visual basic 2008 and require .Net Framework & Chart. User should read the installation instructions before installing the program.

M S Ekbote Retd AMCE
5 Rail Stresses
M S Ekbote Retd AMCE
6 New Software for Curves Calculation 2013
M S Ekbote Retd AMCE
7 New program on Gang Strength Calculation 2014 based on MCNTM report
Program in MS-Excel format (Gang Strength calculation based on MCNTM)
For working out the manpower requirement for the permanent way staff
8 Program for Calculation of Earthwork
For computing the earthwork for new lines as well as widening of cess

K. Ravindra Babu
9 Speed on Curves
For calculating the permissible speeds on curves
Srijan Tripathi and Yogesh Verma 1998 batch IRSE probationers
10 Track Surfacing
Program for track surfacing

N Aravindan, Retd AMCE
11 Track Geometry Index Analyser
For analysing Track Geometry Index
A K Yadav, CAO/NFR
12 Mix Design
For concrete mix design
A K Yadav, CAO/NFR
13 Track Diagram -
14 Program on Realignment of Curves
Note: Please use any angle between 10 degrees to 45 degrees for the initial station inclination to get the proper plot of the curve

R P Singh, Sr Instructor, CETA, Kanpur
15 Program on Analysis of results of TRC to get the tamping requirement
Note: The password for importing the file into the programme is CEtmc

R P Singh, Sr Instructor, CETA, Kanpur
16 Ring 150 Masonry arch bridge analysis software Ring is the latest version of the highly successful RING software for the analysis of masonry arch bridges