Director's Message

IRICEN is the Alma Mater of all Civil Engineers working on Indian Railways. Over the years it has grown from a humble beginning as "Permanent Way Training School" in 1959 to its present form, where all alumni are proud of the role being played by it.

IRICEN is contributing by way of disseminating knowledge in the field of railway civil engineering. We are actively engaged in imparting training not only to the officers of Indian Railways but also to Project Management Consultants, Public Sector Undertakings and foreign railways. As a constant endeavor to widen the horizons of learning, IRICEN has increased its reach with the use of information technology through its website.

Nearly 5000 members and average daily visitors to the tune of 2000 are a symbol of its popularity. Indian Railways are facing new challenges in the present day environment. There are immense possibilities of growth and innovation.

Engineering discipline is required to play a pivotal role in realizing the Corporate objectives envisioned in Vision 2020. We look forward to continued cooperation to contribute towards the Corporate objectives.

With best wishes and regards,

Ajay Goyal